WAN optimization


The WAN optimization brings many advantages as it reduces infrastructure costs for remote or branch offices, providing centralized servers, backup, applications and storage in the data center, minimizing spending on WAN bandwidth and the need for updates, improves employee productivity and streamlines business applications to accelerate and improve data protection and regulatory cuplimiento through the WAN


For use WAN optimization Riverbed system, market leader and creator of enterprise solutions «Services Wide Area Data», able to get in a transparent accelerate applications by up to 70%, reducing the need to expand the WAN over the next five years, removing servers from remote offices or generate instant feedback of what is happening with the networks, systems, and performance status.


It is a high performance solution (offices, mobility, data center and cloud), a leader in performance, scalability and simplicity (chosen in 9 out of 10 assessments from competition), full coverage (optimizes strategic IT investments ), exclusive and independent focus, lower OPEX and greater return on investment (usually in 7 months).


Riverbed optimizes


Systems, infrastructure, software, conferences and accessories.

  • Remove tape servers and remote offices
  • Increasing the ratio of the application making 300%
  • Not having to expand the bandwidth wan in 5 years
  • Earn up to 70% performance in remote applications
  • Achieving ROI in 6 months
  • Collaborate in real time from 70 countries




WAN Optimization


A customer of wide area network (WAN) is the basis of a globally connected enterprise, and enables collaboration, communication, business productivity, and risk mitigation. The performance of your WAN is critical, critical to everything that customers make. With WAN optimization solutions from Riverbed, your business runs faster and more efficiently, providing adequate levels of service and reducing the cost of their IT infrastructure.


wan optimization



Leverage cloud services to reduce costs and improve business processes. Riverbed Technology allows your company to use the infrastructure of public and private cloud, without having any negative impact to the end user. With cloud services can be virtualized applications and improve performance levels so that employees can be as productive as if everything local. Its consolidated cloud infrastructure, enhanced Riverbed WAN optimization provides both save cost as performance benefits for your business to operate more efficiently than ever.

la nube 


Total IT Consolidation. Riverbed provides key enabling technologies of consolidation between data centers for the entire enterprise, from remote locations and within branches. With Riverbed, organizations can gain the visibility needed to build smart infrastructure, reduce costs and complexity, and deliver high performance IT end users, regardless of location.



Disaster Recovery

Data protection and recovery. Data protection is simple: take everything and copy somewhere far away to be ready in case of a disaster. The trick is to do this efficiently and reliably. WAN optimization and acceleration solutions from Riverbed Cloud Storage Technology can help customers protect more data, more often, and they recover faster.



Application Performance

Riverbed Technology enables mobile traajadores branches and complete more work in more places. Whether your employees are in their offices, customer site, in the office of a member or visiting other offices within the company, they can access files faster, collaborate with a global workforce in real time , and greater productivity.

Network monitoring

Performance Management Network Visibility and Management Solutions. Riverbed Cascade offers a superior network and application visibility for your business. Cascade is an application sensitive to network performance, this solution can be used to manage the network monitoring, analysis and resolution of network problems, dependency mapping, IT consolidation, and security. The system alerts you to problems before end users are affected, so that you can respond to performance problems more quickly and easily. The result? An application of higher performance, improved employee productivity, and reduced operating costs.

Save cost

Riverbed Technology allows you to dramatically reduce costrs in key areas of their IT infrastructure. From cost reduction in the bandwidth up saving money in a successful consolidation of servers, storage and tape backup systems, Riverbed is the essential solution for reducing IT costs.




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