IP telephony

Integrated in a single communication network for voice and data.

IP Telephony has many advantages such as the simplification of the communications infrastructure in the company, the integration of different locations and mobile workers of the organization in a unified sitema telephony – with centralized management, free internal calls, integrated plan remuneraciñon and optimization of communication lines – mobility and access to advanced features (voicemail, VR, ACD, CTI, etc.)

We ShoreTel for its implementation ensures optimum service

Integrating communication system brings many benefits to the company:

Unrestricted communication and collaboration within the enterprise
Refocus resources information technology to create business
Align communication and business processes


Unified Communications Platform
The unique voice architecture and distributed specific purposes Shore Tel is the central part of its unified communications platform, allowing distribution service unmatched voice features and high reliability. In addition to IP telephony, contact centers and unified communications services, adapt to a ‘Plug and Play’ easily in many places as needed.
Shore Tel IP Phones
ShoreTel IP phone offers (also known as mobile VoIP), to suit each type of agent business: from executives, operators, remote workers to call center supervisors. An integral part – and ergonomic – ShoreTel solution VoIP, ShoreTel phones are preset, which drastically reduces the time needed to implement your VoIP phone system. And because ShoreTel phones interoperate with ShoreTel Communicator is easy to expand the scope and characteristics of the ShoreTel VoIP solution far beyond the confines of the office.
User Applications
ShoreTel designed end-user applications that are highly intuitive at the time to learn and very easy to use. Whether you’re in the office, at home or on the road, put the full power of the latest communication and collaboration tools at your fingertips.
System Management
The ShoreTel management tools are easy to use and simplify maintenance and installations of their ShoreTel UC system (UC). These tools allow centralized management from intuitive Web-based interfaces. With minimal training, IT staff can manage the system from anywhere in the network, releasing energy and resources for more mission-critical tasks.
Cloud Communications
Hosted VoIP is based on the ShoreTel Call Sky Driver software developed in-house, and forms the core of Sky ShoreTel, the ShoreTel cloud communications solution. The inherent flexibility of the solution allows companies to add unified communications and contact center capabilities as needed. The solution has the support of dedicated teams of cloud telephony experts that manage the entire experience, from the first movement of an organization to the cloud, to ongoing improvements and maintenance, to support users.
Open Integration
The ShoreTel VoIP business solution is based on a distributed architecture, and includes a variety of open interfaces that seamlessly integrate third-party information and applications in an organization system VoIP phone. Taking advantage of the flexibility and power of VoIP telephony, the system integrates business communications with key data so that organizations can transform their business phone systems in opportunities to leverage their most valuable assets: people and information. In addition to the application programming interface (API) for your business phone system VoIP. Shore Tel also provides pre-integrated connectors to major applications including CRM like Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamic
Advanced Applications
Cloud Communications
Communicator for iPhone
Core Software
Enterprise Contact Center
Ingate SIParator
IP Phone 110
IP Phone 115
IP Phone 212k
IP Phone 230
IP Phone 230g
IP Phone 265
IP Phone 560g
IP Phone 565g
IP Phone 655
IP Phone BB24
Legal and Professional Cost Recovery Integration
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration
Microsoft UC Integration
Mobility Multi-Vendor Support
Mobility Router
NetSuite Integration Application
Remote Monitoring
Roam Anywhere Client
Salesforce.com Call Center Adapter
Service appliences
CRM Connector Universal
Voice switch 220 E1
Voice switch 220 T1
Voice switch 220 T1A
Voice switch 24A
Voice Switch 30
Voice switch 30Bri
Voice Switch 50
Voice switch 50v
Voice Switch 90
Voice switch 90BRI
Voice switch 90BRIV
Voice switch 90V
Voice switch E1k
Voice switch T1K
VPN Concentrator
Web Dialer

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