LS connections



LifeSize is the world leader in videoconferencing easy and profitable for anyone, anywhere and on any device.


Solution for collaboration with integrated video, «all in one» brilliantly optimized, high-definition video, the best in its class. Easy to deploy, intuitive to use and easy to adapt. Profitable and minimum requerimietnos facility needs / IT, flexible and portable.


The first fully virtualized solution, standards-based video conferencing with multiple participants. Deploy as needed through any device Meetings: systems, laptops, tablets or smartphones to a price / performance ratio unmatched.


Enhance learning opportunities and expand the scope of the class. Improve your curriculum, foster collaboration and enable distance learning. All with HD video, live or on-demand, streaming and playback, simple and cost effective to implement.




Business Requirement: Videoconferencing Solutions business requirement (corporate training, distributed workforce, environmental initiatives, leasing, limited IT resources)

Life Size Platform. Life Size has changed the way companies manage and deploy video conferencing infrastructure. Virtual Fully integrated and available instantly. Join the exchange.



Implementación: soluciones de videoconferencia por implementación (plantilla distribuida, hosted, large deployment, small deployment).

Life Size Conection. Conéctate hasta con 9 participantes via 730p30 HD video, desde la comodidad de tu escritorio, mientras compartes data, mensajes instantátenos y más.

LS connections


Sector: solutions (education, federal government, financial, manufacturing, media, oil, gas and energy, state and local governments, grants, E-Rate program)

Life Size Grand. Grand Services Leverage LifeSize program Grant. We facilitate the process by identifying funding opportunities, creating proposals and managing the entire process.

Business Line: solutions (finance, human resources, manufacturing, marketing, procurement, research and development / engineering, sales and sustainability)

Life Size UVC Video Center. Keep all parts. Live or on demand, with the most powerful and simple streaming, HD recording and self-publishing.

Location: solutions (Boar Room, Executive Office, Home Office, Large Conference Room, Lecture Hall, Office, On the road, Small Conference Room)

Connect Sea Life Size Clear smoothly and in seconds from your PC or mobile device to any video collaboration system or infrastructure solution based on standards.



By Location (Board room, Execute office, home office, Large conference room, lecture hall, office, On the Road, Small conference room)

By series (Unity series, 220 series, passport series)


By solution ()

By product (LS Platform UVC, UVC multipoint LS, LS engine video UVC, UVC video LS Center, LS transit UVC, UVC access LS, LS Networker, LS Bridge, ClearSea LS, LS Control)


For PC (ClearSea, Conection, Softphone)

For Mac (ClearSea, Conection, Softphone)

For mobile (ClearSea, Connection)

Hosted video conferencing

  Life Size conection. – Connect with up to nine participants via 720p30 HD video, all from the comfort of your desk, while you share data, instant message and more.


Cameras (10X LS, LS 200, LS Focus)

Phones (2nd Generation Phone LS, LS Phone)

MicPods (Digital MicPod LS, LS MicPod)

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