Lan inalambrica-meraki

Network Infrastructure

We offer solutions for network infrastructure, design and implementation to facilitate or outsource the planning, support, maintenance, management and operation of networks. Implementation of wireless networks.

We use products that guarantee excellent Meraki quality service.

Meraki networks

Solving Networking (Switches, QoS, Traffic Shaping, Optimization, MDM – Mobile Device Management), 802.11n WiFi Security. Meraki has specialized in the management of voice calls over WiFi using mobile devices (Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, etc. ..), with control and management in the cloud, simplifying the control with a single image of the whole network and generating savings of 50% compared to other solutions. Recognized by Gartner as a visionary in the concept of Cloud Networking.

Meraki, a recognized leader in the market, easy installation and management

  • Cloud Computing
  • Information architecture
  • Intuitive
  • Visibility and control
  • Increases efficiency of your technology resources


Meraki builds intelligent networks managed through the cloud that greatly simliifcan business reeds. Enough to ensure iPads in a company or to cover a campus with WIFI, Meraki networks just work. Meraki offers a complete family of products delivered through the cloud, including Wireless LAN, Ethernet switches and safety devices.

  • Lan inalambrica-meraki
  • Wireless LAN
  • Management via the cloud
  • MR12. 802.11n Access Point, a fully accessible price.
  • MR16. High performance wireless network
  • MR24. Ultrahigh-performance wireless network
  • 62 MR. Outdoor wireless network performance and ultra
  • 66 MR. Outdoor Wireless Network
  • 58 MR. Provides high-speed wireless coverage in large areas quickly, easily and cost effectively.
  • dispositivo de seguridad-meraki
  • Safety device
  • Datasheet MX family.
  • Safety devices managed through the cloud.
  • Meraki MX is a complete gateway solution for branch generation firewall, designed to ensure the speed, security, and management faciliad distributed networks.
  • Meraki MX, the first managed security device through the cloud, provides total visibility and control in distributed environments and campus.
    switch acceso-meraki
  • Access Switch
  • Datasheet MS family. Family of Gigabit PoE switches, managed through the cloud, provides branch networks and fields, all the advantages of computing through the cloud, including ease of management, reduced complexity, and lower costs.




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